Horsemanship in Northern Arizona

Trish and her husband Jerry Zaabel have 60+ years combined experience in horsemanship. Besides training horses, they have worked with people from all walks of life to teach and coach skills in every discipline.

Several years ago, Jerry and Trish designed a program from the philosophy that the experience between the horse and rider should be mutually beneficial. “All About U Horsemanship” is a mission to create the learning environment specifically developed for each individual’s passion. Your goal becomes our goal.

Many riding instructors have a program that they fit the student into. All-About-U-Horsemanship designs each training/coaching session directly to benefit the student’s goals.

Everyone works with the instructor at the their speed (not the instructors). Every new student starts by explaining their level of experience, then their goals in horsemanship.

Do you simply wish to trail ride? Would you like to eventually show horses? Would you like to jump or show Dressage? Are you recovering from a bad experience? Is there a confidence issue?

All-About-U-Horsemanship understands there are people who have been held back by a bad experience. We specialize in helping people re-gain their confidence so this great sport of riding horses can be part of their lives.

Our goal at All-About U-Horsemanship is “Competent riders, Confident Horses”. This is the secret to a successful partnership between horse and rider. When the rider becomes competent the horse becomes confident in his response to the riders requests.

Anyone can learn to successfully ride a horse. We have worked with everyone from young children to senior citizens. Physically handicapped, emotionally challenged students and experts who are already accomplished and just want to refine their skills.

Horses are the most wonderful animals ever created and when you are fortunate enough to partner with them it is an experience beyond words.

“Trish is a great person, with a strong and reliable work ethic.  I have all the confidence in the world no matter the discipline you ride or how large the problem is, she will be able to help you achieve your goals.”

Josh Lyons

Other Services

Training Horses

Trish is available to work with a limited number of horses each month. With a unique eye for identifying communication errors, physical disabilities and simple behavior problems, she can quickly spot opportunities for improvement. Working with the owner, Trish will design a plan to correct any issue. Contact for availability/rates.


Because we believe a horse’s confidence is somewhat of a fragile emotion, everything taught at Wooden Bridge Ranch is slow and with purpose. There are no quick fixes. Our clinic setting is designed to be informative, instructional, and interactive. We know the owner needs to be involved in the training process for a successful partnership to occur. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Buying or selling horses

If you are looking for your new equine partner, Trish can help you evaluate horses on a physical and emotional basis to make for a suitable match. Horses can also be consigned should you need to sell your horse. Contact to make individual arrangements.

Wooden Bridge Ranch

We are excited to create a new phase of our facility in the beautiful White Mountains of North Eastern Arizona. At an elevation of 6,700 feet, the summers are delightful. Temperatures seldom exceed 85 degrees. Partnering with the Extreme Trail Horse Association, the Grand Opening of our Horse Campground is in May, 2020. Besides the 4 miles of groomed trails located on our 80 acres, we also have an obstacle course with natural challenges found on the trail.