“Competent Riders Create Confident Horses”

Horse and Rider Training
Facility in Northern Arizona

Wooden Bridge Ranch is a premium horse and rider training facility located in Concho, Arizona. Here horses and horse owners/riders learn to achieve goals and partnerships that form an interdependent relationship, that is to say, a partnership where sum of the two greatly exceeds the ability of either separately!

Through the gentle guiding hands and soft personality of Trish Beres-Zaabel, every horse is taught his/her place, purpose and potential. Every owner/rider is given personal attention and together with their Equine partner individual goals our developed that include timelines for accomplishment to achieve an outcome many would think never possible!

“Natural Horsemanship” methods are the basis of every training plan developed at Wooden Bridge Ranch. Horses and Riders are taught how to effectively communicate with one another. They learn to understand each others needs and expectations.

Trish Beres-Zaabel is a John Lyons Certified horse trainer and a certified level II ARIA Dressage and Pleasure riding instructor. With 25+ years of actual full time experience training horses (and riders) all over the world, Trish has encountered and remedied nearly every roadblock!

As the founder of “All About U Horsemanship LLC” Trish’s core belief is behavior issues in horses are learned and seldom genetic. Breaking bad habits or misunderstandings learned from past experiences is not always easy, but always possible. It is amazing to witness the breakthroughs we see almost daily here at Wooden Bridge Ranch. Horses come in confused and sometimes angry or belligerent. In just a matter of weeks we see them grow into a willing partner as they are given a gentle but firm, clear understanding of who they are, why they’re here, and the rewards which come with cooperation and partnership!

At Wooden Bridge Ranch, we train horses and people. You will find a whole new experience in horsemanship. Horse training, riding lessons, partnership classes, trail riding, showing, clinics and horse camping. You name it with horses and we do it!