“When did Horses get so smart?”

Ever hear the old adage “wet saddle blankets make good horses?”   How much time a week do you spend with your horse? The only substitute to you riding your horse is to find someone else to ride your horse for you (and Lord only knows what they will teach them).  The only way to get a “GOOD HORSE” for you is to ride them.  The partnership that forms between horse and rider is a product of experience. 

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word experience as “living through an event, thing one has done or lived through, skill gotten by training, work, etc.” 

As a trainer, I have many different experiences with

Willing or Unwilling Partner?

Every rider wants a horse that is a willing partner.  A perfect horse that is soft and responsive to whatever it is told to do.  They want a horse that will never fight.  If they can just get their horse to the point where nothing is an issue, when they can go and enjoy whatever they want to do with their horse, they will be happy.  They have achieved their goal of the perfect horse.  Why does this goal seem to be such a struggle for most people to attain?

A lot of people try to follow one method or technique in the search of how to build a partnership

“You should never ride a horse again”

It was a death sentence handed down to me by doctors when I was 19 years old.  Two months before I was seriously injured in a bad car accident.  I was a passenger in a truck that missed a stop sign on a highway.  We were hit on the passenger side.  My right elbow was shattered so bad the doctor told my family that he could only clean it up and hope for the best.  There was no fixing what was destroyed beyond repair.  The larger concern was the traumatic head injury I had and what kind of brain damage I would be dealing with.  Because of these injuries, doctors

Eyes Up

It was a great day for a trail ride!  Sunny, about 75 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and we are in beautiful Arizona!  We decided to ride the historic Butterfield trail, near the Sonora Desert National Monument which is close to Maricopa Arizona.

Beware of the Red Ribbon

Several weeks ago a client of mine (who also is a good friend) decided to take her young horse on a “Solo” ride.  It was a beautiful winter day in Arizona, sunny and in the low 70’s.   Just shortly after she started down the trail she observed another rider coming at her at a frantic pace.  As he reached her he exclaimed “I need help”.  He explained just a short way down the trail there was a severely injured horse that was bleeding profusely.  My friend (Katherine) is the type of person who is always prepared for any emergency.  She was equipped with a first aid kit and is not


One of my favorite places to ride is the Butterfield Stagecoach trail near Maricopa, Arizona. The huge stretch of BLM land is presently closed to motor vehicles and it is seldom that you ever run into anyone else. The history of that area is very rich and the terrain is exquisite. There are an endless number of washes, trails and ranch roads to follow. There are also range cattle that roam freely through the desert.

Occasionally you will encounter cattle round up areas. Ranchers round up cattle (on horseback) and drive them to corrals where they are loaded into trailers and transported to market.


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